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Fast Track To Screen Printing

2019 Class Schedule

January 4th & 5th

Feb. 8 & 9th

March 8th & 9th

April 4th & 5th

May 3 - 4

June 6 - 7

July - No Classes

August - No Classes

Sept. -  7th -8th

Oct.  4th & 5th

Nov. - no classes

Dec. - no classes






My Fast Track TO Screen Printing Workshop is 2 Days of training in my shop . I believe in hands on learning and there is no better way to learn the ins and outs of printing in a shop that prints thousands of shirts monthly. Screen Printing is a very scientific process . Youtube  will help with a few things but it can not compare to hands on training. things will go wrong . Let me help you miss those road blocks that new printers run into.. Ken & I will teach you hands on how the screen printing process works from A -Z.  We understand the importance of the purchasing right equipment so we will show you what to look when shopping for equipment and after years in the industry we can save you time and money with our product recommendations.  The class comes with my 3 month consultation program for free. I want you to succeed and there is no better way than having the support you need after the workshop.

Sign up today  -Classes limited to  10 people 

Advanced Screen Printing

Next Class Sept. 29th

My Advanced  Screen Printing  is a 1 day session that will take your shop to the next level.  We cover  what mesh counts are needed to burn halftone screens and what mesh to use for the job.  You will learn how inks blend to create colors and how to prepare for dot gain . We will print CMYK and Simulated Process Prints.

Recommended for those who have at least 6 months experience in printing. This is not an art class.  If you would like to learn to separate full color designs please take the Advanced CorelDraw Class prior to this class.  It will be held 1 day before the advanced printing class.

Sign up today  -Classes limited to  10 people 


La Tonna offers a wide variety of services from the Artboard to the press

Use Ms. Tee's Shop Manager to keep your shop running smoothly. The shop manager comes with the T-shirt calculator for creating fast , accurate quotes and invoices.  When create an order using Ms. Tee's Shop Manager , your order will be saved to an invoice folder for future reference. The order is trackable via the Job Orders page and you will be able to check off task until your job is complete. The Sales Report is automatically generated so you can keep track of your sales. Make sure you check out the videos on Ms. Tee's Shop Manager for More Details.

Looking for a simple solution try Ms. Tee's T-Shirt Calculator. The Calculator is great for those who are getting started or work in the filed



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