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Do you want to learn the print business? Are you an existing business that needing to streamline your process? I will help you solve your business problems so you can get to making the money, you need to be the TRUE BOSS you are. My coaching solves real life business problems I am backed by over 30 years of experience sales, marketing and decorated apparel. When you want proven results call The BOSS!

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What I Do

I Coach.

Looking to Start or Expand Your T-Shirt Printing Company? Look No Further!. If you’re searching for professional guidance to launch a successful t-shirt printing company or grow your existing one, you’re in the right place! As a business coach since 2009, I have helped numerous individuals and printing companies achieve success and growth on a budget. My services provide an external perspective and innovative ideas that you may not have previously considered. I will work with you to identify and overcome any obstacles that may impede your business progress, and provide support in setting and achieving goals. Through my coaching program, we will develop strategies for improving productivity, increasing revenue, and building a strong team. Let me help you take your venture to the next level and ensure long-term success.

I Speak.

Featured in Top Industry Magazines! Book Me Now for Your Next Event. My work and training techniques have been showcased in leading industry publications, as well as on podcasts. I’m passionate about discussing t-shirts, business marketing, and income growth, and love speaking at events. With The BOSS, you can be assured of an engaging and informative talk. Contact me now to book an appearance at your next event.


I Train.

Master the Art of Retail-Ready Apparel Printing! I have built my skills in creating retail-ready apparel through years of practice, making me a master of the craft. My experience in perfecting the printing process is unmatched, and I’m here to help you take your printing game to the next level. Whether you are a home printer, small shop or full-fledged print facility, my hands-on technical training will provide you with the skills to streamline your printing process. Remember, it’s not just about the equipment, it’s also about the expertise!

Need Advice?

We have all been there. When you just need someone to talk to but don’t know where to start -Get A Free 15 Minute Intro Call 

My E-Books & Courses

My E-Books are downloadable gems that will help you solve problems in your business and navigate the decorated apparel space. When you are ready to fast track your decorated apparel business to 6 or 7 figures consider taking  a course. I offer in person and online training 


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I can not appropriately put into words how much LaTonna means to me. She quite literally got my business off the ground and running. Several times since then she has been a lifeline. I am amazed by her knowledge and talent. I have never come across another like her. Thank you so much, LaTonna!!!

Kesa Larson

My Story

Lady Print Boss is a Technical Business Coach & Consultant located in Dallas, Texas 

I will help your custom t-shirts, apparel & promotional products business boss-up by giving you the tools you require to solve pain points within your business. Every business is different, Unlike most, I analyze your specific issues and give you the most effective solutions to help you grow. I specialize in solving technical issues with in your print department and administrative process. My hands-on/virtual technical training, sales strategies and innovate marketing techniques will take your business to the next level. 

Looking to Boss-Up in your business? Take advantage of my membership plan or schedule your private training at your location. My team travels the USA only. Want to learn more about the Lady Print Boss

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Stroll into 2023 with a Millionaire mindset, This E-Book gives you the tools to gain the type of clients you want and grow your business to a 6 or 7 figure income fastt! This deal ends 10/29/2022. Enter your email below and the E-Book is yours.