How to Make All Over T-Shirts!

Are you a small business or mom and pop shop that has a small heat press and sublimation capabilities? If so this vlog is for you. 

There is a new crave around and it is all about sublimating all-over t-shirt designs. Some are even marketing this type of printing as 3D T-Shirts. Today I am going to tell you the tools you need to make all over shirt designs with a small heat press. If you don’t know what sublimation is it is a form of printing where the ink permanently dyes the product. It can be used to print t-shirts, glass, wood, acrylic, and a ton of other gifts and promotional items. If you are interested in starting a sublimation business watch my video on what you need to start a sublimation business

In the following video, I am going to show you how to create an allover t-shirt template and design an all-over shirt in CorelDraw. We will end by setting up our design to print out on multiple letter-size sheets so that we can print our design on a small desktop printer. YES! I said on our desktop printer – chances are if you don’t have a wide format printer you definitely don’t have a wide format heat press either! Don’t worry, I have got you covered because I will also show you how to press your design in sections to get the job done. 

Now that was a long video! If you are still with me and you are familiar with Corel just download the template and start creating allover shirt designs… I will be back with another video vlog to show you how to piece the sheets together and press them on your small heat press to create a seamless design. 

All Over T-Shirt Template



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