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Struggling to build your brand? I am going to walk you through my step by step techniques to building a successful brand and  for a limited time this course is going to be totally FREE! 

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Hey ya’ll I am LaTonna, AKA the LADY PRINT BOSS !  I am the owner of a successful t-shirt printing business and a technical coach who helps brands and businesses. I helped 1000’s of individuals grow their business through my training.  What sets me apart from any other coach in the decorated apparel industry is that I am a 1 stop shop to all your needs. Let me break it down for you.  Most technical coaches can only teach you one aspect fo the printing industry and that is how to perfect your printing process. I take things a lot further from the concept of your business to branding, marketing, daily administrative processes ad more. I can not only teach you how to print but I teach you how to SELL IT!