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Who is The Lady Print Boss?

Hey there, I’m La Tonna Roberson, aka The Lady Print Boss. I wear many hats in life – a wife, a mom, and a creative soul, just like many of you. My journey in the apparel world spans over 30 amazing years. I started out as a wholesale rep for various apparel distributors, hustling my way through the industry. But I always had bigger dreams.

In the early 2000s, I stumbled upon my true passion – T-SHIRTS! Can you believe it? Those simple canvases became my obsession. I transformed my love for design into a thriving career, printing for some of the biggest names in corporate America. The road wasn’t all smooth; I faced failures and challenges, but I refused to give up.

Piece by piece, machine by machine, I built my business from scratch. Today, I’m not just a screen printer; I’m a master of the craft. CorelDRAW? That’s my playground. And I’m not keeping all this knowledge to myself – I’m an author and a technical business coach, helping others conquer the print industry.

My strategies and tips? They’ve graced the pages of the industry’s top publications. I’ve had the privilege to train countless individuals and struggling businesses, being that guiding light they needed. I’m proud to say that I’ve played a vital role in their growth and success stories.

Out of necessity and a deep desire for change, I birthed Lady Print Boss Training & Consulting. I noticed the lack of diversity in the decorated apparel industry, especially for women and people of color. I’m on a mission to change that. My goal is to break down the barriers, offer affordable training, and empower startups, home-based ventures, and fellow entrepreneurs.

I’m not just a businesswoman; I’m a force for diversity and change. Through hard work, passion, and a dash of resilience, I’m here to leave a mark on this industry. So join me, and let’s create, print, and succeed – together.

La Tonna "Tee" Roberson

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Feedback & Reviews

I am always looking to become better. It’s how I learn to provide you with better serivcies and products so please  send me your reviews and suggestions to latonna@dallastshirts.com

Customers reviews

"Ms. Tee has been a blessing to our business. We had no idea how to price our products and her calculators have made pricing a breeze"

Jonathan Alvarez

All That Tees

"I did the 30 minute consultation and Latonna was able to answer all of my questions and it saved me tons of time"

Jerry Wells

Shop Owner

We were struggling and our prints looked horrible. Ken came down and trained our shop. The training Ken provided was outstanding . I highly reccommend this company


What Can I Do for You?

Help you make more money and live finiancially free, faster that you could ever imagine.

Take the easy road to success. Learn how to start and grow your decorated apparel business from someone who is a proven winner. 

Hey I know the struggle it takes to start , grow and maintain a successfull business. Over 40% of startups fail because they dont know how to reach the right customers. I can help you turn into a customer magnet!

Over 23% of business fail because they don’t have the right support system. This is why having a coach that already has the game plan mastered is the key to guaranteed success. Trust the process and follow the plan.

My promise to you – I will always give you everything in my toolbox because my passion is helping others live their lives on their own terms

Need Advice?

When you are not sure where to start or even how to start .... call the Boss.

" Lady Print Boss Training & Consulting was created out of a need for more gender and racial diversity in the print industry and to offer affordability to help startups, homebased businesses and struggling entrepreneurs.. As a women of diversity, I have worked with the industry to breakdown the barriers that women and people of color face when entering the industry."