Meet Your Coach

  Hey, I am La Tonna Roberson  a wife, mom, and a creative mind just like many of you. Since childhood, I have always had a love for creating things. After high high, I attended Wade Fashion & Merchandising college and was awarded with dual degrees in Apparel Design & Fashion Merchandising. 

I spent my earlier career working as a wholesale rep for several apparel distributors before branching off to start up my own empire. I opened a several businesses including a lingerie business, hair salon & a hip hop clothing store, but It was the spring of 2000 when I found the canvas of my dreams- – YES, T-SHIRTS ! Since then, have been very blessed to take my love of design and turn it into a prosperous career printing for some of the largest corporations in America.

Today I am a Master Screen Printer, Corel Vector Artist, Successful Business Owner, Author and Consultant to the print industry. (Ohhh and if that isn’t enough, I am also a part-time Youtuber!)I have been featured in the industries magazine- Printwear, and interviewed by several top companies. 

 In 2009 I started Lady Print Boss Training & Consulting to help women, people of color and anyone else who has been counted out, gain access to training at affordable cost and from someone who knows the struggles of starting a small business with barely a dime. As an independent consultant I over non bias opinions, alternative products and I will go the extra mile to help you succeed when others will not. I had the doors slammed in my face and I have experienced the struggles, failures and the rewards. 

 Whether you are in the beginning stages, printing at home or in a building, LADY PRINT BOSS can provide you with the valuable, honest information, products, free tutorials, training and consulting to help you start and/or grow your business to it’s full potential. If you think you may need to speak to a consultant, try me. 


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