Private CorelDraw Training


Private Training offered in the USA at your location.

Training Fees based on Distance

Private Training in within 200 miles of Dallas, Texas  ………………………$500 per Day (Outside Dallas 2 day Minimum)

Private Training more than 200 miles from Texas ………………………$750 Day 1 and $500 each addtl day( 2 Day Minimum)

Training sessions are limited to 4 employees, each additional employee trained will incur an addtl $100 fee. Things you are required to do prior to my arrival :


  • You will need CorelDraw Graphics Suite. Please inform me of the software version you are running prior to my arrival.
  • Transparency films for printing your designs
  • Exposure unit – I will need images of your unit to determine the complexity of the designs you can print.
  • You will need a printer capable of outputting films dark enough for screen printing.
  • Please email me 3 images of the type of designs you would like to learn to design. this will help me tailor the class to your specific needs. However, If you would like to learn how to separate photographic images you will need have already learned Corel Draw Basics. 

When traveling by car I am able to accommodate with some items , If you do not have something please let me know so I can bring it or we can order supplies prior to my arrival.

A $500 Deposit Payment is due at time of Booking. Your Balance is due prior to my travel.

If traveling fees are required, It will be discussed and agreed upon prior to travel. The Customer will be responsible for all travel expenses( rental car, lodging and meals). Travel fees are approximately $150 -$200 a day. This will be agreed upon prior to travel and due upon request. It really helps reduce when you are able to find reasonable lodging  and rental rates, Please email me the info for approval prior to booking.

To Schedule your Training Session fill out the form below and request a training date.

3 day training sessions are recommended

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