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Get to know who LaTonna Roberson is and why she is truly The Lady Print Boss. LaTonna is a beacon for woman in the decorated apparel and is an outstanding business coach. Her process and expertise is called upon quite frequently by major industry publications. With rise of unqualified pop-up business consultants, we put together the In The Press page, so you know that LaTonna Roberson AKA The Lady Print Boss is more than qualified to hep you grow your business to that 6 or 7 figure income you are aiming to reach. 

Get to know your coach! this impressions article does a great job of getting to know who the Lady Print Boss. click the image to read the article


At BELLA+CANVAS, we’re different. We believe the beauty is in our differences. We design tees that fit and flatter every woman. We stand with all women in challenging and changing the status quo. As we launch our Female Edit 2.0 collection, we decided to talk to three strong individuals within the decorated-apparel industry to learn about how they got their start, their proudest moments and what opportunities they see ahead for women in the industry.

You’ll meet LaTonna Roberson, who’s printed more than 1 million T-shirts, and Chris Slivar who works at the first woman-owned screen-printing company right here in Los Angeles (they’ve both printed amazing T-shirts to commemorate Kamala Harris becoming our first woman vice president). You’ll also meet Megan Spire, BELLA+CANVAS’ vice president of sales who’s been with us for 10 years.

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