Why Hire A Coach?

I get this question often from new shops and lifetime rookies. Most people think they can learn everything from youtube and facebook groups. Well, you could take the long road of self-teaching and learn from your mistakes as I did.( that only took 20 years) I mean after all I made it and you can too.  After all it’s not rocket science right? I mean just join a few support groups with hundreds of people who now it all and they will guide you. This is what I hear alot

Existing Shops

I have over a decade of experience training print shops and Over 20 years experience in running my own print shop. One thing I can definitely tell you is every shop has different weaknesses and strong points. I will evaluate your shop starting with your art process and working my way through your entire printing process and shop workflow. Once my evaluation is complete, I will come up with a plan to fix your shop. This can range from eliminating your pre-press & registration issues, teaching you proper printing techniques, optimizing your floor space for maximum production, or even overhauling your entire process and starting form scratch. Most of my startup are starting form scratch, if that’s you – Great! I love working with a clean slate! 

Keeping your shop running smoothly is much more than having a good workflow and being able to crank out masses amounts of shirts. This is where most shops really fall short and sadly this is were most consultants fail.  – I am speaking of your administrative process! The way you handle administrative tasks is the most important part of your business because this deals directly with your customers and those customers are what pays the bills. If you are paying the bill, you are definitely doing this thing wrong.

I will go over your process of dealing with customers, giving quotes, collecting payments and following up.

If you do not have an automated process in place to grow your customer list, I will give you the tools you need to put this process in place.  Most administrative task are repetative and should be place on auto pilot .

 Once my job is complete you will have a fully optimized shop but more importantly your stress less will decrease and I will leave you with the ability to grow you business and increase your profits!

Online Training Classes

Get the training you need at a pace you determine. My online classes are very easy to follow. It consist of live training , videos and quizes.  Get more info now

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This is a 1-hour of power consultation with LaTonna Roberson. I will give you steps to take to propel your business to the next level. If you are struggling and have questions, this is for you. Make sure you write down a detailed list of questions for me and feel free to ask it all!



This is 10 HOURS OF POWER!  This is for the serious entrepreneur that wants a professional on standby. You will be given my personal number to call when you need assistance. This package includes both telephone and live trainings sessions via google meet or zoom classes. 

$499.99 a year