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  • Private Class @ your location $500 per day. ( I recommend 2 days for new printers) 
  • training covers 2 students ( $100 fee for each addtl person trained)

The training class is very fast-paced. Typical training is 9 am-3 pm however, it can go over by an hour. It really depends on how fast you catch on. After the class you will receive 2-30 minute video training sessions. You will also receive 60 days of telephone consulting.

Once I receive your payment I will call you to schedule your training. My schedule is usually 2-4 weeks out on training. 



hands-on screen print training at your location, followed by my telephone & video consulting. Your training may include the following:

1. Proper Screen Coating Technique & Drying
2. Hands-on- You will coat your own screens and dry them.
3.How to Find Proper Screen Exposure Times
4.Troubleshooting Over Exposure and Under Exposure Times
5. We will Discuss Mesh Counts – what mesh to use for your print job
6. We will discuss setting up your darkroom.
7. Register your films for exposure on the burn unit using a Registration Board System and then expose your screens.

8. Hands-on – You will burn your own screens
8. Washing Outing The Stencil Demonstration
9. Hands-on  – you will wash out your stencils and
letting dry them.

10. Preparing your screen for the press- Post-exposure, Taping, blocking pinholes, etc.
11.Registering & Setting up your print jobs on the
12. How to use a Squeegee & squeegee durometers
13. Proper Garment Loading Techniques
14. Learn test Print Techniques –
15. Proper printing techniques
(Flood stroke, Pull and Push Techniques)
16. Flashing your prints – Flash Times & Final cures
using a Flash-only system.
17. How to use a heat gun and temperature gun.
18. Curing Times and the Cure Test.

19.Proper cleanup
20. Reclaiming your screens so you can use them

Other items will be discussed and taught as needed

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