Registration Template

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  •  Instant Download After Purchase
  • Register your Job in your favorite Vector Design Program
  • Made for Coreldraw user
  • Comes with registration marks for perfect seps
  • Print the registration template to register your jobs on press



My preregistration Template will save you tons of time registering your jobs. Get near-perfect registration on press every time when you use my method.

  1.  Print out my registration template and apply it to a piece of yellow coroplast.  As shown in my video. The yellow coroplast blocks your burn units light and allows you to use the template as a light table. It’s great for registering jobs in the dark and not blinding yourself.
  2.  Add Doorstops to your homemade registration template. This will make sure that your screens are placed in the exact same place every time.
  3. Create your design on my registration template or copy it to the template to pre-register your job.  Use the template to pre-register your design on the computer. the temple comes in  .CDR , .EPS and a <PDF Vector File so you can open it in any program. Once you have placed your design on the template print your job.  Don’t worry the template will not print only the registration marks and your art will print.
  4. Place your printed films on the Registration board you made and align the registration marks on your film to the marks on the registration board.
  5.  I recommend using a glue dot gun to place glue dots at the top and bottom of your registration film then place the screen on the registration board making sure you are using the door stops as your guide.  Rub the screen to make sure the glue dot has adhered the film to your screen then pick it up and burn the screen.
  6. Repeat the process for each film used in the design.
  7.  After burning and drying your screens. Use the registration template to align all your films on press to it. Wola your job is registered… Perfectly every time!

You will love how easy aligning your job on press will be.



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