Screen Prep & Burning(Class 2 of 5)



This class is offered during our regular business hours. You will come in at 10am on the day you choose and complete your class.  Once you make payment, we will email or call you to set up your training date. Please read the class overview below. 


Screen Prep & Burning

Come spend the day with LaTonna an learn how to prepare your screens for printing. Your day will consist of  reclaiming & degreasing screens to prepare them for coating.  Latonna will teach you which screen mesh to use for your job and give you a step by step overview on how to get proper mesh over emulsion for your print job. Proper mesh counts, MOE and the correct coating technique is vital to your print success. You will learn how to determine exposure time for your unit using proven techniques and you will be able to successfully burn screens while knowing how determine common issues such as over exposure under exposure and undercutting.

You will learn how to:

  • Properly clean & degrease your screens

  • Choose the right screen mesh for your print job

  • Coat your screens using proper EMO 

  • Professional drying technique and how to  combat humidity in your shop 

  • Register your art to the screens for printing on press.

  • how to calculate proper exposure times for your unit & successful burn  screens

  • troubleshoot your screens for over exposure, under exposure and undercutting

  • Preparing your exposure screen for printing by taping & using blockout




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