Spot Color Screen Printing Course



Our Fast Track Screen Printing class is a 1 day class with a Day 2 Option.

 Most people learn to print in 1 day, however if you have issues the first day and need  more practice, you will be able to come back the next day from 10am -2pm for more training. 

Class Times : Day 1 10am – 4 pm , Day 2 10am – 2 pm

Location: T-Shirt Shop Dallas 4110 Cedar Lake Dr #103, Dallas Texas 75227

        Class space is limited

You must register for this class no later than 2 weeks from the date of the class. If we do not have a minimum of 4 people registered per class the class may be cancelled. In the event of a cancelled class you will be registered in the next available class. 

In the event there is bad weather the class may be cancelled due to snow , ice storms , etc.  We will check the local weather the week prior to the class for any upcoming weather issues. We try to never cancel classes but if there is an ice storm – were Out! LOL



The focus of this class is to learn the proper way to screen
print  t-shirts  professionally. The class is taught on a manual
screen printing press.
This class is unlike any other that you will
ever attend! The class is taught in an actual screen print shop,
not by a manufacturer that will only try to sell you expensive
equipment. La Tonna has helped hundreds of individuals get
started in the business and become successful. You will learn
more in LaTonna’s class than any other! If you are looking for a
Consultant to help you buy equipment, price garments, do shop
set up – Call LaTonna Roberson.

We will cover everything from creating your screens
to printing your garments. We will not create art or
output films. This is a hands on instruction class
taught by Ken & LaTonna

what you will print:
1. 2 color vector design using spot color inks
2. 3-4 color Simulated Process Design using CMYK
3. Specialty Printing Techiques – Puff Inks,         
Metallics, Gliiters, Foils

This is what you will learn :
(Lesson 1) 9:15am – 10:30am
1. Proper Screen Coating Technique & Drying
Hands-on- You will coat your own screens and
dry them.
2.How to Find Proper Screen Exposure Times
3.Troubleshooting Over Exposure and Under
Exposure Times
4.We will Discuss Mesh Counts – what mesh to use
for your print job

5. We will discuss setting up your dark room.

(Lesson 2-) 10:45am – 12noon
We will discuss emulsions, exposure units, burn
times & how your printer inks, art & film choices will
effect your exposure times.

5.Register your films for exposure on the burn unit
using a Registration Board System and then expose
your screens.
Hands-on – You will Register your job using the
registration board
Hands-on – You will burn your own screens
8. Washing Outing The Stencil Demonstration
Hands-on  – you will wash out your stencils and
letting dry them.

Lunch Break 12noon -1pm
after lunch you will be doing everything hands on
with the instructor guiding you.

(Lesson 3) 1pm -4pm
10.Preparing your screen for the press
– Post
exposure,Taping, blocking pinholes, etc.

& Setting up your print jobs on the    
12. How to use a Squeegee & squeege durometers
13. Proper Garment Loading Techniques
14. Learn test Print Techiques –

4.Proper printing techniques
(Flood stroke, Pull and Push Techniques)
5.Flashing your prints – Flash Times & Final cures
using a Flash only system.
16. How to use a heat gun and temperature gun.
17. Curing Times and the Cure Test.

(Lesson 4) 4pm -4:30
14.Proper clean up
15.Reclaiming your screens so you can use them

You Keep All The shirts you Print.

No video or audio recordings allowed. You can take
still pictures of the training session.


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